2.0.0 2016-11-28

  • [Feature] #6: add blend functionality as both standalone functionaility as blend() and as a method of the Palette class as Palette.blend()
  • [Bug]: [Breaking] Update Colour and Palette class naming to CapWords-style, to match PEP8.
  • [Bug]: Palette.to_image() now treats max_width as a maximum width. This way there isn’t a black bar on the bottom/left of the image if the number of bands do not devide evenly into max_width.
  • [Support] #14: add code-style tests as another part of the Travis-CI test suite
  • [Support]: re-arragne and simplify internal package metadata and corresponding changes in
  • [Support]: ship tests as a subpackage of colourettu
  • [Support]: ship tests such that the command green colourettu works from the command-line after colourettu has been installed on the system
  • [Support] #40: update cloud theme to v1.8, and with it Sphinx to v1.4. Also added to documentation layout improvements. (also #30, #31)

1.1.0 2015-07-20

  • [Feature]: allow creation of colours from normalized rgb values
  • [Feature]: add Palette class
  • [Feature] #8: allow addition of palettes, and palettes and colours
  • [Support]: update to Sphinx 1.3 for documentation generation
  • [Support]: manage changelog with Releases
  • [Support] #5: add project logo

1.0.0 2015-01-17

  • [Bug]: colourettu.color (note, no u) no longer an alias for colourettu.colour (with the u)
  • [Support]: convert Readme and Changelog from Markdown to ReStructured Text
  • [Support] #1: documentation is now online at

0.1.1 2014-12-11

  • [Bug]: include extra files so module can install off of pip

0.1.0 2014-12-11