Changelog for minchin.jrnl v. 7.1.0

This starts with v7. Future plans are to add the changelog of previous versions at a later date to this format.

7.1.0 2023-10-04

  • [Feature]: merge external plugin support, as per legacy Pull Request #1216. Also merges relevant parts of legacy Pull Request #1115; c.f. legacy Pull Request #1281..

  • [Feature]: allow top-level __version__ without use of an file. c.f. legacy Pull Request #1296. This had (previously?) been required for namespace plugins to load.

  • [Bug]: Work with updated (v4 or later) tzlocal API. (DayOne classic journal particular issue.) c.f. legacy Pull Request #1528.

  • [Bug]: allow exporting files to nested directories.

7.0.0 2023-9-19

  • [Feature]: remove upper Python limit (was previously 3.9)

  • [Bug]: update project URLs throughout.

  • [Support] #1: BREAKING CHANGE: move code from jrnl namespace to minchin.jrnl namespace.

  • [Support] #2: BREAKING CHANGE: move on disk location of configuration, and configuration filename (now minchin.jrnl.yaml). The included upgrade process should automatically manage this, if you are upgrading.

  • [Support]: remove (user unfriendly) stale bot (used on GitHub issues and pull requests).

  • [Support]: change isort profile.

  • [Support]: update Code of Conduct, Contributing, Readme.

  • [Support] #3: start reworking documentation, moving them from MKDocs to Sphinx (incomplete). Also, remove automatic generation of the Changelog through GitHub Actions. Sphinx documentation is live online at

  • [Support]: move release process from GitHub action to minchin.releaser.

  • [Support]: remove poetry as a task running, and start moving to invoke (incomplete). Also, remove Makefile.

  • [Support]: move from poetry specific pyproject.toml project metadata to “generic” metadata. Packaging is now done with setuptools.

  • [Support]: switch from poetry to setuptools and pip-tools to manage project dependencies. Update GitHub automated tested as needed.

  • [Support]: add GitHub dependabot congifuration (to keep GitHub actions up to date).

2.6.0 2020-12-19

  • [Support]: This is the base release from jnrl-org/jrnl that I’m using.

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