MinchinWeb's MetaLibrary  v.9
Library functions of OpenTTD AI writers.
Class List
Here are the classes, structs, unions and interfaces with brief descriptions:
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 C_MinchinWeb_Atlas_Keep track of the world – match sources and destinations
 C_MinchinWeb_DLS_Dominion Land System (Road Pathfinder)
 C_MinchinWeb_Extras_Extra functions
 C_MinchinWeb_Log_Logging Interface
 C_MinchinWeb_LW_Line Walker
 C_MinchinWeb_Marine_Water and Ship related functions
 C_MinchinWeb_RoadPathfinder_A Road Pathfinder (and extras)
 C_MinchinWeb_ShipPathfinder_A Ship Pathfinder
 C_MinchinWeb_SW_Spiral Walker
 C_MinchinWeb_WBC_Waterbody Check (deprecated)
 CAILibraryMinchinWeb extends AILibrary so that it is registered as a library by OpenTTD
 CMinchinWebMain Library Class