Progressive Rails

Slightly modified rail system to promote easier upgrades of large rail systems in OpenTTD.

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Progressive Rail Set README

v.2, 2013-01-12
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About Progressive Rail Set

The Progressive Rail Set is a NewGRF that serves to make upgrading of larger, advanced rail systems easier. Assuming a progression of Normal Rail -> Electric Rail -> Monorail -> Maglev -> Vacuum Tube, an engine can now run (unpowered) on the generation of rail before it and run powered on its "normal rail" and the next generation of rail.


The Progressive Rail Set requires OpenTTD, which is a free download from The Set has been tested on OpenTTD 1.2.3, but will likely work on earlier versions.

If you want to use Vacuum Tube tracks, you'll use a separate NewGRF to provide them.


The easiest (and recommended) way to install the Set is use OpenTTD's Check Online Content interface. Search for Progressive Rail Set. This also makes it very easy for me to provide updates.

Manual installation can be accomplished by putting the progressive_rail_x.grf file you downloaded in the ..\OpenTTD\newgrf folder.

Once installed, the Set can be selected through NewGRF Settings on OpenTTD's main interface.


There are no settings for the Set.

Version History


At this time, I think the Set is feature complete, so I am not adding any additional features.

Known Issues

Compile It Yourself

To compile it yourself, you'll need NML. Then run from the command line (after fixing the paths as needed):

nmlc progressive_rails.nml --grf=progressive_rails.grf

Help! It broke! (Bug Report)

If the Set brakes or doesn't work the way you'd expect, please report the bug to:

Helpful Links


The Progressive Rail Set is licensed under a Creative Commons-Attribution 3.0 licence.