Many of us spend our whole lives working for a few dollars: that's because few of us spend the couple hours it takes to get our dollars working for us instead. Long-term financial planning is a must for everyone! You can achieve your goals, regardless of your current financial situation. Common misconceptions about who needs financial planning, what financial planning is, and when to start financial planning is leaving many Canadians with no plan at all. Metro Financial Planning is a a full-spectrum financial planning company based out of Edmonton, Alberta. Our clients receive a free education and an introduction to services that will start them, and their loved ones, on the path to financial freedom. We offer the following services and more:
  • Free consultation
  •  Portfolio selection, adjustments, and updates
  • Insurance ––  Life, Health,Dental,  Sickness,  Disability and Travelers. 
  • Investments ––   Advice for everyone, regardless of income or financial status
With proficient experience in investment management, insurance protection, and long-term financial planning, we offer something for everyone. With our help, clients can identify their financial goals and plan for the lifestyle they want.  Scott Stinchcombe and his team are changing the industry by offering professional, full-range services, and by building trusting, long-term relationships with their clients. Don't work harder for your money –– work smarter –– and get your money working for you!