This started in April 2006 as a blog with Blogger and a site of GooglePages, moved to a new domain in July 2007 and went online for the first time that September. is a place for me to try out my skill with web technologies and to have my own little (virtual) space.

There are a number of sections to this website. In brief:

  • Home - - Probably the first page you came across. It looks cool and links to a number of other pages on my site.
  • Blog - - My summary of some of the random, different, and more intersting things I find of the web, and even in the "real" world. Orginally hosted at (all link are redirected to the new location), it's still powered by Blogger.
  • Links - - I've discovered the power of, and wanted to supply a list of my casual readings online. The format isn't quite as I'd like; it remains a work in progress.
  • Geneology - - When I started into geneology a few years back, one of the first things I did was check out Minchin domain names on the web. I found, a site for music equipment somewhere on the eastern seaboard in the States. We're related, but if I remember right, it's rather distant. If you think we might be related, drop me a note and fill me in on the details.
  • Search - - It will allow you to use Google to search both this site and the internet. The ad revenue from here is what funds most of this site.
  • Resume - - If you're interested in offering me a job, this may where you want to start. If you've already decided I'm your man, send me an email.
  • About - - This page! The idea is to tell you what the different sections of the website are about.
  • Contact Me - - If you want to get a hold of me, this page will give you the details.