All about Minchin.ca

This started in April 2006 as a blog with Blogger and a site of GooglePages, moved to a new domain in July 2007 and went online for the first time that September. The website is now on its third redesign.

Minchin.ca is a place for me to try out my skill with web technologies and to have my own little (virtual) space.

There are a number of sections to this website. In brief:

  • HomeMinchin.ca/ — Probably the first page you came across. It looks cool and links to a number of other pages on my site.
  • BlogBlog.Minchin.ca — My summary of some of the random, different, and more intersting things I find of the web, and even in the “real” world. Orginally hosted at minchinweb.blogspot.com (all link are redirected to the new location), it’s now powered by Pelican, like the rest of the site.
  • GeneologyMinchin.ca/Genealogy/ — When I started into geneology a few years back, one of the first things I did was check out Minchin domain names on the web. I found Minchin.net, a site for music equipment somewhere on the eastern seaboard in the States. We’re related, but if I remember right, it’s rather distant. If you think we might be related, drop me a note and fill me in on the details.
  • ProjectsMinchin.ca/Projects/ — Over the years, I’ve worked on a number of projects, both online and off. This is meant to link to some of the more exciting ones, particularly those found online. Includes Highway Planning, Web Design, Programming, Articles, Photography, and Videos.
  • SearchMinchin.ca/Search/ — It will allow you to use Google to search both this site and the internet. The ad revenue from here is what funds most of this site.
  • AboutMinchin.ca/About/ — This page! The idea is to tell you what the different sections of the website are about.
  • Contact MeMinchin.ca/Contact/ — If you want to get a hold of me, this page will give you the details.

This webpage is generated offline using Pelican, a Python static site generator, and then hosted at GitHub Pages.

The theme is called seafoam and is based on pelican-bootstrap3, which in turn relies on Twitter Bootstrap. The modified colour scheme was inspired by Solarized.

Font are provided by Google Fonts (although they are now locally hosted by the website theme): Expletus Sans is used for headlines and Cabin for body text.

All content is copyright © 2006-2020 Wm. Minchin.