Kinship Between Thomas Bunbury and Elianor Birkenhead Through Henry Bunbury, Esq. of Stanny

Generation 1
[2]   Thomas Bunbury (1606-1668) CHS
[3]   Elianor Birkenhead (1605-1675) CHS
Generation 2
[4]   Sir Henry Bunbury (1566-1634) CHS-LAN-CHS
[6]   Henry Birkenhead, esq. of Backford (~1570-1646)
Generation 3
[8]   Thomas Bunbury, Esq. (~1532-1601) CHS
[13]   Elizabeth Bunbury (-1629) CHS
Generation 4
[16]   Henry Bunbury, Esq. of Stanny (~1516-~1547) CHS
[26]   Henry Bunbury, Esq. of Stanny (~1516-~1547) (same as 16) CHS

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