Jane McCover

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    Jane McCover
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  • Occupation
    machinist sewing shirts [S328]
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  • Senond in a large family
    Much of her family, including her twin nine mouth old sisters and three other children, passed away due to diphtheria
    Father was a bonnet dresser and mother knit bussys to go with the military fancy dress uniforms
    When she was 12, she went to work at the "Coats" thread factory as a swiss embroider

    Born at 3:30 AM
  • Homestead papers were taken out on 23 Oct 1904 on Section 36-41-14-W4. The family immigrated to Canada in 1905 with three other families: William and Agnes Muir, no family; Hugh and Jane Parks, with their five sons, Matthew, James, Hugh, William, and John; Mr. and Mrs. John Atkinson with their three daughter, Agnes, Cathrene and Janet. The boat left on 24 Mar 1905 for Canada. They where on the boat for sixteen days. Once in Canada, the McGowans took an immigration train west. Once the McGowans got to their homestead, they lived in a sod hut (called a soddy) until the summer of 1910. At this time a new home was built with a kitchen and a living room on the ground floor and two bedrooms upstairs.
    The scottish celebration of Hugmony (which happened on Now Year's Eve) was often held at the McGowan house with many nieghbours there. David would play the acordian and Jane would amaze people with the speed of her knitting. They named their homestead "Pleasent View"

    Usual Residence at time of Marriage
    David: 39 Rminind Street, Glasgow
    Jane: 296 Gookston Street, Glasgow
    12 Total Ancestors
Generation 1
[1]   Jane McCover (1876-1963) AYR-LKS-AB-NB-AB
Generation 2
[2]   Alexander McCover (1844-1877) AYR
[3]   Margaret Miller (1848-1925) AYR-LKS
Generation 3
[4]   Archibald McCover (1813-1868) IRL-AYR
[5]   Jean Brown (1812-1883) AYR
[6]   James Miller (~1815-)
[7]   Jane Wylie (1815-1887) AYR
Generation 4
[8]   Andrew McCover (~1786-<1851)
[9]   Susan McLean (1786-1865) AYR
[10]   Alexander Brown (~1778-)
[11]   Martha Anderson (~1778-)
Generation 5
[18]   Neil McLean (~1752-)
[19]   Margaret McKean (~1752-)
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