Colonel Charles Minchin

  • Name
    Colonel Charles Minchin
  • of Moneygall, and Bushertown

    Colonel in Parliamentary Army as a "49" Officer, served with Cromwell and Ireton 1649, awarded Crown Grant of Busherstown after the Restoration (later confirmed 1680), bought Annagh estate from Major Solomon Cambie 1669, and the Ballinakill estate from Sir Richard Stephens 1680

    Death proved 18 Nov 1681

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    In Parliamentary Army. Purchased estates in Annagh 1669 and Ballynikill 1680. He had five sons. In 1662 he was listed as residing at Knocka, and paying a tax levied to meet the expenditures of Charles II. The 1659 Census places him at Knockagh in Drumspirane with 29 people in his holding, 2 English and 27 Irish.

    of Moneygall, Capt. in the Parlimentary Army, purchased the Annagh estate from Major Solomon Cambie 1660.

    Info attributed to Bryan Martin, PO Box 88067, Clendon Town Centre, Manurewa, New Zealand, fax 0064-9-267-7477
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