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    Daniel Minchin (1797-1849) [S95]
  • Daniel Minchin, his wife Jane Gladney and five children sailed from Waterford, Ireland on 16 Jun 1849 and arrived in Quebec on 10 Aug 1849. From there they came by streamboat to Montreal, thence to Kingston in a steamboat called "The Fashion", and from Kingston to Belleville in a boat called "The Lord Elgin". At Belleville they were met by Jane Gladney's Half brother, Edward Gladney, who took them to Marmora, Ontaio, a distance of 32 miles, by oxen. During the trans-Atlantic crossing fever broke out on the ship and Daniel became ill. He died in September 1829 shortly after the family's arrival in Marmora. (from the Diary of William Henry Minchin)

    Jane's family (mother, father, siblings) lived in Marmora and were obviously well established. They were merchants, had a harness shop and a tailor shop, and reportedly owned a major part of the land which now comprises the town of Marmora. Dr. A.E. Laycock (1871-1971), Canadian Medal recipient, United Church Minister, and Dean Emeritus of Simor Fraser University, was her grandson.
  • "The Book of Minchins" lists the marriage date as 1815
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