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I’Arcedekne, Florence (1392-1450)
Imel, Aliza (Eliza Emel) (~1813->1833)
Ingle, Elizabeth (1761-1843)
Ingle, James (~1729->1759)
Inglet, Joan (~1545-1583)
Ingraham, Abigail (~1638-1715)
Ingraham, Marie (~1668->1690)
Ingraham, William (~1665->1689)
Inyard, Caty (~1802-<1825)
Ipsen, Mrs. Jens _____ (~1727-)
Ipsen, Jens (~1723-)
Ipsen\Ispen, Maren (~1630-)
Ireland, Alice May (~1899-)
Ireland, John (~1475-1525)
Ireland, Margaret (1528-1594)
Ireland, Thomas (1503-1545)
Irwin, Florence Sarah (1880-1954)
Irwin, James (~1846-)
Isaac, John (~1693-1745)
Isaac, John (~1670-)
Isaac, Kitty (~1738-)
Isaac, Simon (~1704-)
Isaac, Susan Priscilla (1738-1797)
Isacke, Mrs. Mary (~1563-1636)
Ithell, Mr. _____ (~1455-)
Ithell, Mrs. P. _____ (~1490-)
Ithell, Mary (~1518-)
Ithell, Pierce or Pierre (~1486-)
Ives, Sarah (~1611->1629)

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