Maria Georgeane De'lessert

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    Maria Georgeane De'lessert
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  • "GWB [George William Bunbury] Snr was left with 2 young children and I [Peter Bunbury] only assume that as he had acquired Woodville House at Ballymackey, Nr Nenagh, that he engaged a housekeeper/governess to care for the children. She was Maria Georgeane De'lessert born 1838 dying in 15, Nelson Street, Dublin on 9th March 1898. Her death certificate shows her as a widow named Bunbury, and one must assume that her son GWB Jnr attended to the niceties."
  • (probably employed by George William Bunbury as a governess/housekeeper at Woodville House at Ballymackey, Nr Nenagh upon the death of his first wife)
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