Email Correspondance with Peter R. Bunbury (Sept 6, 2008)

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    Subject: George William Bunbury Snr
    Date: Sat, 6 Sep 2008 13:30:57 +1000

    Hi William,

    In regard to your enquiry to Turtle Bunbury as you are aware of his website may I suggest that you start with Turtle's write up of Thomas Bunbury of Kill 1705-1774 as this would be your mother's direct ancestor. Thomas of Kill was married twice and the descent you seek is through his 2nd wife Susan Priscilla Isaac 1738-1797. There were two children from this marriage. Jane Bunbury born abt 1759-1842, she married the Revnd Benedict Arthure. the son Thomas was born abt 1760 and he died before 1823. Thomas married a Maria Greene on the 7th June 1790 at Green Mount, Co: Tipperary. They had at least 10 children who survived to adulthood. Their eldest son Simon Bunbury born 1791 changed his name to Isaac for inheritance reasons from his grandmother's side of the family and Turtle has also written up the Bunbury/Isaac connection. Their second son was another Thomas Bunbury born in 1793 and he lived to the ripe old age of 81 dying in 1874 at Lisbryan House, Borrisokane, Nr Nenagh. This house is still occupied by his direct descendants, albeit the distaff side of things.

    Thomas Bunbury of Lisbryan married a Mary Bernard of Lucan, Co: Dublin probably in the late 1820s as their eldest son Thomas Benjamin was born in 1830 and he inherited Lisbryan House and died there in 1883. The second son of Thomas and Mary was George William Bunbury whom I refer to as GWB Snr as he later had a son of the same name - GWB Jnr. Of note here is that GWB Snr had a sister Sarah Frances who married a James Lawson (Army) whose family were involved in the Canadian wheat trade and a descendant moved to Canada and I correspond with a Norah Lawson Alley in Texas who is a direct descendant of GWB Snr's sister.

    Now to concentrate on GWB Snr who was born in 1835 and became an Ensign in the 50th Regt of Foot on the 12th June 1852 at the age of 17. He was promoted to Captain on 27th May 1855 and became a musketry instructor still with the 50th Regt: In 1859 in Fermoy, Co: Cork he married Sarah Frances Mansergh. Two children were born in Colombo, Ceylon (Sri Lanka) - Alice Maud and Thomas Charles the latter was born in 1863 and he died in Melbourne on 7th August 1936. - Details available as Thomas Charles drew up a family tree dated 1907 probably before he left Ireland and I have a copy. No other data on Alice Maud Bunbury who likely went back to Ireland with her mother. Sadly Sarah Frances developed what was called pelvic cancer for 4 years, probably related to ovarian cancer, and she died on 17th November 1865 at the young age of 29, at 26, Mountjoy Square in Dublin.

    GWB Snr was left with 2 young children and I only assume that as he had acquired Woodville House at Ballymackey, Nr Nenagh, that he engaged a housekeeper/governess to care for the children. She was Maria Georgeane De'lessert born 1838 dying in 15, Nelson Street, Dublin on 9th March 1898. Her death certificate shows her as a widow named Bunbury, and one must assume that her son GWB Jnr attended to the niceties.

    GWB Snr had 4 children by his "mistress" - the eldest being born at 5 Richmond Court, Dublin on 23rd November 1868 - a girl named Emily Madeleine St Aubyn Bunbury, GWB Jnr was born at Woodville House on 22nd April 1872, next came Frances Bunbury also born at Woodville House on 15th February 1874. Lastly William Alfred Bunbury was born at Woodville House on 1st April 1875. I can account for three of these children, but the youngest so far has disappeared.

    Then as you know GWB Snr married Alice Maud Mary Stone in 1887 and there were 2 children to this marriage George John Bunbury born at 6, Grove Road, Rathmines, Dublin on the 10th September 1888 and later a girl Kathleen Susan Bunbury was born in April 1890. GWB Snr died 17th August 1898 at Woodville House and his widow Alice Maud also died there 2nd November 1910.

    Not sure what happened to Kathleen Susan, but as you say George John ended up in Canada and he married in 1928 ? a Sarah Whiteside who was born in Belfast, N. Ireland on 18th December 1897. Now I only have a record of one son being born to this marriage a Barney Cyril Bunbury born 18th July 1923, so maybe George John married Sarah Whiteside earlier than 1928.

    This is where my records run out of puff as I learned that George John Bunbury died on 14th October 1969 and his wife Sarah died on 4th October 1983. I have no further information on Barney Cyril Bunbury and can only presume that he may be your maternal grandfather or your mother's father.

    I have the details of what happened to nearly all GWB Snr's offspring from his three unions, and his son GWB Jnr had a most interesting career and his eldest son a Thomas Delessert Bunbury came to Australia and his offspring are still around and in contact (sometimes).

    Let me know if you need more information. It might just be possible that your mother might be descended from a Mollie Bunbury, whose brother Claude Douglas Bunbury was killed in France in 1916. Both were born in Kamloops, B.C. to parents Walter Brook Bunbury and his wife Alice Maud [Waters]. This however is an unlikely connection.

    I would be most grateful if you could let me know your recent ancestry so that I can bring my records up to date.

    All the bestest


    P.S. I descend from the Kilfeacle, Co: Tipperary Bunburys. Turtle has yet to cover our clan whom he thought had died out. Incidentally the last Cecil George Bunbury of Lisbryan had 4 daughters, and his brother Frederick had 2 daughters so the Bunburys of Lisbryan have disappeared, Cecil George's youngest daughter now runs the place, her married name being Stanley.

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